9.5" Tear Drop Terrarium with Air Plant and Reindeer Moss

$ 20.00

Green up your living or working space with one of these unique Carlsons' Greenhouse air plant terrariums!. Tillandsias (air plants) only need light and water to survive, no soil necessary. They will grow best in bright, indirect light with a heavy misting of water a couple times a week. Each kit comes with an air plant, 9.5" tall tear drop shaped terrarium, decorative reindeer moss in the color of your choice and a plant care sheet. This hand blown glass terrarium has a rounded bottom and a thick piece of rope for hanging. Please keep in mind that each tillandsia is a unique growing plant and may not match the picture. We grow 1000's of tilllandsias at our greenhouses in Michigan and hand pick each one right before shipping to ensure you have a happy and healthy plant for your terrarium!

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