We Love Air Plants!

Tillandsias, air plants, air ferns, tillies, epiphytes........... These fascinating houseplants go by many different names, but no matter what you call them, they are sure to intrigue even the most seasoned gardeners! These easy-going plants need bright, indirect light and a misting of water a couple times of week; no soil required!

 At Carlsons' Greenhouse, we have been growing tillandsias for close to 10 years now & each year, we fall more and more in love with them. Our latest passion is air plant terrariums. We offer a unique selection of terrariums that we fill with an assortment of colorful reindeer moss, orchid bark and, of course, one of the 1000's of tillandsias that we grow at our greenhouses in Fenton, Michigan. Our terrariums are an easy way to get to know air plants.  Once you start growing tillandsias, we think you will fall in love with them, too!